Romel Joseph Appreciation Day Concert Highlights!

Every year, we celebrate Romel Joseph Appreciation Day (May 19) with what he enjoyed most, his students in concert. This year, we teamed up with Friends of Music Education for Haiti in their “Haiti is Rhythm” initiative and presented a wonderful performing arts concert entitled “Creole a l’Honneur.” Themed on the beauty of Haitian culture for Haitian Heritage Month, it was divided into four parts; our string orchestra, two groups of tambour students who student with FMEH’s Artist-In-Residence tambour master, Welele Noubout, for 4 months, a collaboration of our dancers and theater student, and a presentation by our embroidery/beading students. The concert began with traditional Haitian folk tunes performed by our string orchestra, two groups of students demonstrating the Haitian tambour and it’s various rhythms (Yanvalou, Congo, Rabonday, etc), a play and dance number demonstrating the First Haitians; Taino indians, Queen Anacaona, and Caonabo, ending with a presentation of Haitian-inspired embroidery by our beading students.

In addition to staff, students and parents, we had a special guest attend our program, as well. A representative of the U.S. Ambassador in Haiti, Indran Amirthanayagam, Public Affairs Counselor, publicly congratulated the school for 25 years of excellence in the community. An honor most deserved in appreciation of our founder for his commitment to the advancement of Haiti’s youth.

Please, enjoy the highlights of our concert below!

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