Haiti is Rhythm Initiative!

Do you hear that? That is the heart beat of our beloved Haiti. Its strong pulse can be found in the familiar sounds of our drums and other instruments indigenous to our culture and land. These rhythms are at the core of who we are as a people and represent our proud traditions that must be handed down across generations. It is our birth right, our inheritance; our lifeblood that ensures a strong future for Haiti and her people. But, we are in danger of losing those traditions.

The New Victorian School is working with our sister organization, Friends of Music Education for Haiti, to preserve our cultural traditions with an exciting new initiative called Haiti is Rhythm. With the challenges facing the country, many of our cultural giants have passed away or found themselves relocating to other countries. Who then is left to carry on the traditions? Who will be the ones to preserve that which is unique to Haiti; her many contributions to music and dance–not only in the Caribbean but around the world?

We believe that given The New Victorian School’s history of providing excellence in music education, that it is our responsibility to contribute to making sure cultural traditions do not fade and are enjoyed for many years to come. Haiti is Rhythm is a wonderful project that connects young people with cultural masters who are still living in Haiti. These connections will forge bonds that ensure an appreciation of cultural traditions so that our art is not lost. Students are paired with these musicians over several weeks for fun, interactive classes. Then, they have a chance to perform as a group to show what they have learned to their friends, family, and themselves. We think it is is a beautiful way to strengthen our community and our sense of pride.

If you would like to send rhythm instruments or make a donation to support Haiti is Rhythm click here.

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