Congratulations to our spelling bee champions!

We are proud to announce our March 2017 spelling bee winners! Challenging our students is what The New Victorian School strives to do and these outstanding students have exceeded our expectations as this year’s spelling bee included more difficult elements.

1st Grade:

Christ-Schnide Fleuranvil, 1st place

Moralessa Alexis, 2nd place

2nd Grade:

Deika Jeanty, 1st place

Ruth Pierre, 2nd place

3rd Grade:

Shmerlynka Paul, 1st place

Ryan Charles, 2nd place

4th Grade:

Jason Vilma, 1st place

Wilhelm Léveillé, 2nd place

5th Grade:

Marphil Alexandre, 1st place

Shallise Barthelemy, 2nd place

7th Grade:

Ridza Louis, 1st place

Moncenly Alexis, 2nd place

8th Grade:

Dave Carly Louis, 1st place

John Beauvoir, 2nd place


Congratulations, TNVS Eagles! Keep studying.

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